Casino mage wotog

I thought I would never say this but tempomage might be good in just got legend with it 36W 12L % Amaz's youtube channel: Amaz's twitch channel: http://www. Hi Guys,. I like to play the Tempo Mage in general and tried out to find something which is suitable for new WoTOG. I came out that this is deck.


Casino Mage (ft. Amnesiac, Eversiction & Orange) It's either a combo piece with frost nova, which requires drawing two specific cards, or you have to burn an ice lance, one of your main finishers. I was figuring Shatter would combo with Frost Nova to take out a problem minion like Rag, but that's a pretty specialized situation. Might be replaceable with another card Flamewaker? Flohmarkt im internet verkaufen 2, at 4: If nothing else, Reno Mage can do the job in standard.


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