Rules in switzerland

rules in switzerland

If you're new to Switzerland and don't know how people tick, social situations can be a bit of a minefield. Luckily The Local is here to help you. The basic rules for driving in Switzerland. We can't list the complete Swiss traffic regulations here. The basic rules can be found below. You need to drive on the. We love Switzerland and its pristine nature. And there's no doubt about it: the country wouldn't be the same without its idiosyncratic rules.

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Cycling in Switzerland Anyone wanting to cycle on roads in Switzerland must be of school age and be able to pedal with both feet while sat in the saddle. The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention provides brochures on equipment you need to ride a bike, mountain bike or e-bike. Although thanks to modern building techniques and proper insulation, the gushing sound of sewage or shower water has become less of an issue these days. And I think 10 is special because so much of Switzerland DOESN'T have laws re: A service of the Confederation, cantons and communes. rules in switzerland


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